VW Vehicle Transmissions

Think you may have a problem with your VW or Audi transmission or gearbox?


Some common VW and Audi automatic transmission problems are:

  • Automatic transmission shifts hard or bangs through gears especially when hot
  • Transmission slips or shudders between gear changes
  • Transmission warning light is on
  • Automatic transmission is slow to engage either forward or reverse gears
  • Transmission shudders under light acceleration above 50 km an hour this can feel like an engine misfire
  • Your automatic transmission changes up and down erratically by itself
  • Your automatic transmission feels like it is stuck in one gear and has no overdrive
  • Your transmission starts off in the wrong gear and won't change
  • Your automatic transmission won't change down into the lower gears when you accelerate
  • Your transmission smells of oil burning
  • Also check out our Valve body page for some other information about issues that can be found with your VW transmission 

Did you know that nearly all VW and Audi transmissions built since the 1990's are computer controlled and have an elaborate electronic internal system to control shift timing and pressures. Most don't have a dip stick to check the transmission oil. These are just some of the reasons it is important that you have your transmission serviced regularly.

For over 35 years Kaspa Transmissions have been repairing VW and Audi transmissions and gearboxes for not just the general public but also for many of the VW/Audi dealerships. We cover the full range of models from the VW Beetle, Golf, Polo, Passat, Touareg, Touran, Tiguan Jetta, Sharan, Crafter and Transporter to Audi's A4, A3, All Road A8, Quattro, TT, R3 & S5. Kaspa have the full range of diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose and repair all these transmissions.

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