Valve Body Problems

Do you have an Audi or VW that just does't feel right when it changes gears?

Does your vehicle have some of the following issues?           valve body(copy)(copy)(copy)

  • Slipping when changing up gear
  • Banging when changing up gear
  • Banging when slowing down 
  • Banging into reverse
  • Slow to engage drive or reverse

Do you notice these issues after driving for some time?

Valve body problems become evident after longer periods of driving around 30 mins or when the transmission is hot.

If you are experiencing problems like this it is very important to have you vehicle tested because prolonged valve body issues can cause premature failure of internal transmissions components.

You are properly wondering what is a Valve body? Well best way to describe it is that it is the brain of the Transmission Controlling pressures and shifting patterns in the transmission. The biggest concern when you have a issue with your valve body and the pressures and pattens are not correct it can really damage the internal components or your transmission causing you to have to pay even more in the long run.

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This is where KASPA comes in

We offer a free ten point written diagnostic check anytime no appointment needed. Come in and one of out friendly skilled staff will test your vehicle and give you a written assessment and a no obligation quote all FREE of charge

If your Vehicle needs to have its valve body replaced Kaspa's has brand new genuine valve bodies and can have it all done for you in just one day!

Here is a list of vehicles that are known to have theses kinds of issues 
AUDI A3 2006 – ON
AUDI A4 2006 – ON 
AUDI TT 2003-2004



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