Transmission Flush Servicing

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When did you last get your transmission serviced?

Industry experts recommend you have your transmission flush serviced every 12 months or 20,000km whichever comes first.
A general car service does not normally include a transmission or gearbox service.
Your transmission works hard in your car to get you from A-B, and being one of the most expensive mechanisms to repair it makes sense to take care of your transmission.
Consider servicing as being a valuable insurance policy. Everyday we see cases where clients could have saved thousands of dollars by doing an inexpensive service.

Did you know?

90 percent of automatic transmission failures are due to either overheating or contaminated fluid? And to have your automatic transmission rebuilt could cost anywhere between $2000.00 to $5000.00.
Like your car’s engine oil its automatic transmission fluid acts as a lubricant and detergent carrying away damaging heat and contaminants protecting against wear and tear on your transmission.
But unlike engine oil most of your transmission’s fluid is not replaced by a typical drain and fill service. In fact the drain and fill service only replaces 40% or less of fluid. The remainder is trapped in torque converter, valve body and Tran’s cooler lines.
Even worse is that adding fresh transmission fluid can actually loosen damaging sludge and varnish deposits within your transmission. With our flush service we remove all of the damaging contaminants  as we add new oil.
Many modern automatic transmissions do not have accessible filters to access these. Very often the transmission will need to be stripped right down.
Many modern transmissions do not even have a dip stick making it nearly impossible for the average person to check the fluid level. Having incorrect fluid levels can be a major factor in damaging your transmission, causing low pressure, slipping and overheating.


Can your transmission be flush serviced?

The answer is YES! Although many manufactures consider their transmissions a “non serviceable, sealed unit” with “lifetime oil” this is not the case. All transmissions are serviceable and oil does not last a lifetime, but not servicing can reduce the the lifetime of your transmission. Oil loses its properties over time and needs to be changed.

Kaspa Transmissions Flush Service uses specially designed equipment that hooks up to your transmission and can softly power flush not only the transmission but also the cooler lines, the cooler, the torque converter and all related components. This will remove 95% of the old fluid and replace it with new oil which is correct for your vehicle.


The benefits of a Kaspa Transmission Flush Service:

  • Extends your automatic transmissions life
  • Removes burnt and contaminated fluid from your transmission system; rectifies hard or shuddering shifts
  • Helps stop and prevents leaks
  • Saves on costly transmission repairs
  • Revitalizes transmission seals

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