Our Services

Transmission Flush Servicing

A general car service does not normally include a transmission or gearbox service.

You know how hard the gearbox works in your car to get you from A-B, and being one of the most expensive mechanisms to repair, it makes sense to take care of your transmission.

Consider servicing as being a valuable insurance policy. Every day we see cases where clients could have saved thousands of dollars by doing an inexpensive service.


Transmission Diagnostics

Kaspa Transmissions has the latest, the best, and the most diagnostic equipment for assessing gearbox and transmissions in Auckland, along with the most qualified technicians in New Zealand to assess transmissions and gearboxes everyday using the latest technology.

The Kaspa commitment to excellence saves our customers thousands of dollars every day.


Gearbox and Transmission Repairs

Kaspa Transmissions give you an honest and accurate assessment before beginning any work. All repairs can be given New Zealand's best 3 year warranty.

Unlike other repairers who may spend time on other types of repairs we specialise solely on gearboxes and transmissions. This means that you get the best assessments and advice to ensure that you get the best possible outcome, we guaranty you will always get the best value for money at Kaspa Transmissions.


Insurance Claims

We have worked with insurance companies for over 25 years and are approved repairers for all mechanical and insurance companies.

We take the Hassle out of Insurance claims for you!


Parts Guarantee

Our parts department stock a full range of transmission kits, clutches, bands, filters and all other parts required for over 90% of today's transmissions.