Manual Gearbox Repairs


Have you experienced …

  • Gears hard to engage when running but are ok when the engine is turned off
  • Hard to engage gears when cold but improves when hot
  • Gears grounching or gears crunching between gear changes
  • Unable to find or engage one or more gears when driving
  • When in gear engine revs up when gears are under load
  • Noisy gears or rumbling noise when in neutral but goes away when the clutch is depressed
  • Some noisy gears but goes away in other gears
  • Noisy gearbox when clutch is depressed
  • Gearbox noisy under acceleration or noisy under deceleration


From Mazdas to Mustangs and all things in between, Kaspa Transmissions can fix your manual gearbox or transmission to get you back on the road with minimum fuss.

Did you know that once nearly all manual gearbox oils were the same? These days, with the close tolerances and different materials used for gears and scyncormesh, it is imperative you use the right oils. There is a vast array of gearbox oils and using the wrong type can lead to a major failure. A manual gearbox does not normally have a filter so any contaminants from the gears bearings and scyncromesh ends up circulating around with the oil creating a serious problem.

These are just some of the reasons you need to have your gearbox serviced regularly by a gearbox expert like Kaspa.

If you think you may have a problem with your manual gearbox or transmission call one of Kaspa Transmissions' friendly service consultants and make a time to come in for a free written assessment of your gearboxes condition.

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