Kaspa Transmissions Thunderbird Project

The Kapsa Thunderbird was a great car, but a 3 speed petrol eater. It was always pulling left…….To get to next petrol station.

The Car: 64 Ford Thunderbird

390 FE engine

3.7 diff ratio on 275/15 tyres

Approx 15 miles to the gallon

3 speed mx trans

3000rpm @ 100kph


X fordamatic, not only was petrol consumption high, but the 390 FE was rev’n at about 3000 on the motorway. No way to care for the big block engine. The three speed was okay around town, but this daily driver just lacked top end economy and comfort

Economics and fear of un-necessary engine wear was one thing, but it just took something away from the drive and we knew that there was more the T-Bird could offer. With Plenty of power and the potential to be a great town driver and open road cruiser we knew the solution was simple; a 4 speed trans with lock up and endless shift control options. Unfortunately there was no 4 speed to match to the big block FE… problem?

The Solution

Adaptor kit to bolt up to an AODE transmission

Adaptor changed

The Trans
0N0A0622 changed

Modified AODE

Mechanical Diod Oneway Clutch Upgrade

Alto High pack Friction upgrade

Shift kit

Modified friction packs
The Converter

Furnased Braised

Modified Stall

Upgraded Lock up

converter changed

Fully Programmable stand alone control module.

2 programmes

endless shift options

Mode 1: Sunday Cruiser

Smooth Shift feel

Lock up in 3rd and 4th

Medium kickdown

Extended 1-2 shift timing

Overdrive on/off switch
Mode 2:

Ramped up line pressure

Hard shift feel

No lock up until 4th at 100kms

Late shift timing to maximise the Rev of the 390FE

Overdrive on/off switch

car graph 2


Button 2

The installation all done in house including mount fabrication


IncomparableApprox 30% fuel saving

1200-1500RPM at 100kph

Engine running quieter and coolerand most importantly

Even more of a pleasure to drive