Helpful Tips

Below are some helpful tips to help you maintain your transmission and cut down on your chances of major problems in the future.

General Driving

When moving the shifter into drive, reverse or park make sure you are completely stopped.

When moving the vehicle into drive or reverse allow 1 – 2 sec for the transmission to engage before accelerating.

Do not press the accelerator to increase the revs before engaging drive or reverse.

Do not manually shift your transmission to slow down at lights etc. Forced downshifts at high engine rpm causes excessive wear on friction components.

When stopped at lights etc, it is best for your transmission to be left in drive. Placing the shifter into neutral actually causes more wear than leaving it in drive.

Sudden acceleration or braking while driving can cause transmission over heating, wear and decreased fuel economy. Drive steady and gently to avoid excessive shifting.

When Parking

When parking your vehicle, especially on a hill. After the vehicle has come to a complete stop and with your foot on the foot brake apply the hand brake then put the gear shifter into park.

When preparing to move of again start the engine in park move the shifter into the appropriate gear then with your foot still on the brake release the park brake. Release the foot brake and move of.

This procedure will stop your vehicle jamming in the park position and damaging the transmission and linkages.


Always check your parking space for leaks. Low transmission fluid will lead to something more serious, so if you notice something, get it checked as soon as possible.

Getting towed

If for any reason you break down, do not line tow your vehicle (towed behind another vehicle). It is important to have the drive wheels off the ground while towing; not doing this can damage the transmission.

Towing with your vehicle

Towing can cause excessive heat in your transmission. Heavy towing is not recommended, but if you do it is important to give your transmission a chance to cool down by stopping occasionally. After towing the vehicle should be checked for leaks as well as the fluid level and condition.

If you do a lot of towing it is important to have the transmission serviced more often. An external transmission cooler is vital for towing.


Transmission servicing is recommended every 20,000km or every 12 months, which ever comes first. It is essential to have good quality Transmission fluid. Transmissions have a wide range of electronics and seals, as well as many other components which rely on and are surrounded by transmission fluid. if this fluid is of poor quality it can reduce the life expectancy of your transmission. It is also important to get a general vehicle service at the recommended intervals.

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