Free Ten Point Check





Over many years our experience has taught us that the best way to diagnose your transmission is go for a test drive with you and experience the problems you are having first hand.

When you drive your car into one of our workshops one of our friendly experienced technicians will take you and your car for a test drive and fill out a written form with all the checks we make and any issues we find. We do this to get a better feel for the car and any issues you might be having. From this point we can give you the best options as how to proceed with getting your car running back at its best.


The test drive only takes 10 minutes and there is no booking required.


When we drive your car here are all the things we check for:

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  • Oil condition
  • Computer check lights
  • Idle speed
  • Stall test forward
  • Stall test reverse
  • Shift timing
  • Shift feel
  • Kick down
  • Overdrive
  • Lock-up


When we finish with our test drive our technicians will explain everything they have found and tell you what we recommend as the best course of action. We also supply you with a full written assessment so we and you have a record of the test.

We pride ourselves in giving you a quality and honest service when you come and see us.

If you are wanting any more information on our great services please contact us now.


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