European Cars

With European vehicles being so dominant in the market we have made it our business to know European transmissions inside and out
Though our research, training and experience we have become the market leaders so you know that your ….. is in the right hands.

Transmissions are known to be a complex unit and European transmissions take this to the extreme. With their fine tolerances and complex internals

Not only are the mechanics of these unit complex but the valve body, electrics and ecu controls all add to the detail needed to fix them.

By working with transmissions for over 40 years we have watched these units progress and have remained at the cutting edge of knowledge and experience to keep ahead of the game.

There is a lot of misinformation about European transmissions so having someone with detailed knowledge is essential.

This is where Kaspa transmissions comes in.
So much so that we are preferred repairers for most genuine European dealerships, as well as all mechanical warranty companies.

Lifetime oil and Sealed Units are just a few of the misconceptions when it comes to these vehicles

The idea of lifetime oil is not true. What lasts for ever, basically nothing and when it comes to oil this is definitely untrue and this idea has unfortunately lead to many a transmission failure. Oil in transmissions gets hot, very hot, and when it does it loses it properties, contains debris and loses it viscosity. Maybe it lasts the lifetime of the manufacturer’s warranty, but that’s about it. So for that reason it must be changed, and a flush service it the way to do it.

The “sealed unit” misconception is another idea which has been produced by some manufacturers, and also others who are not familiar with these units. This normally comes from the fact that most of these vehicles do not come with a dipstick to check the transmission oil. Therefore it must be sealed and have lifetime oil. Again. Not true.

Yes it may be more difficult and require an expert, but that’s where Kaspa transmissions comes in. we can service, repair and recondition all units for these vehicles.

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Have you experienced any of these issues?

    – Delayed or slow engagement into Drive or Reverse.
    – No Drive or Reverse
    – Missing gears
    – Shuddering between shifts (vibration between gear changes)
    – Not shifting gears
    – Banging or bumping between shifts
    – Sluggish when accelerating (feels like no power)
    – Slipping between gear shifts (revs up)
    – Warning lights on
    – Unusual noises

So when it comes to diagnostics, servicing, repairs or full reconditioning you know that by phoning Kaspa Transmissions not are you only going to get the most knowledgeable information out there, but it is going to come with friendly honest service..just give us a call anytime.. you will be impressed.

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