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With so many manufacturers (VW, Dodge, Audi, Ford and more) now using DSG transmissions in their vehicles it is important to have a specialist who knows these units inside and out.

Here at Kaspa transmissions we have studied, researched and worked on these units to become a leader in this transmission application.

What is a DSG?

Over the years there has been similar units in production, but they have never been a great success. Vehicles like the Alfa Romeo Selespeed had a similar concept, but they only had one clutch and the drivability and reliability was not up to standard.

The DSG name applies to the VW unit and takes its name from the German name Direkt Schalt Getriebe otherwise know a Direct Shift Gearbox.

Some manufacturers have now moved on to call them the DCT (duel clutch transmission) The DCT incorporates a combination of an automatic transmission and a manual gearbox in one unit, but uses 2 clutches. Hence the name DCT

How does a DSG/DCT Work?

Basically as mentioned the DSG/DCT combines an Automatic transmission with a manual gearbox. The major mechanical components are very similar to a manual gearbox with sliding hubs and a range of gears for each ratio, as you would expect to see in a manual gearbox.

A valve body and mechatronic unit, similar to a late model automatic transmission, controls all this.  Simply put you have a manual gearbox but you do not have to change gears or put your foot on the clutch, it does it for you. But in a much more complicated way.

What makes this unit clever and so popular with vehicle manufactures is its ability to preselected 2 gears in preparation for its next shift.

So for example, if you are driving in 3rd gear the DSG/DCT will preselect 4th and 2nd gear in preparation of the driver either slowing or increasing speed.

This not only gives a fast smooth shift speed but also results in improved economy due to less loss of torque and lapses in acceleration.

The DSG/DCT uses 2 clutches which can either be a wet or dry clutch, they have even experimented with what they call a moist clutch.

The dry clutch is very similar to a manual clutch and a wet clutch looks very similar to an automatic clutch pack.

Check out video at bottom to have a look inside a VW DSG

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Common DSG/DCT Problems

The DSG/DCT is a reliable unit, but due to its complexities and fine tolerances it is not without its faults.
Some of the basic more common problems or symptoms on a DSG are:

  • Shudder on take off
  • Slipping between shifts
  • Missing gears
  • Delayed engagement
  • No Drive or No Reverse

These issues are normally related to the clutch/s and can usually be resolved with a clutch replacement.

Noisy DSG/DCT unit?

These units are known for having bearing failures and in this case it would require a rebuild

Other complaints are:

  • Banging/bumping and general “horrible” erratic gear shifts
  • Delayed engagements
  • Check/Fault Lights on the dash
  • Thumping on takeoff or stopping

Another known problem for the DSG is to have faults with the mechatronic/Valve Body. This is a highly complex unit which involves electrics, hydraulics and a computer (mechatronic) basically it is like its brain and this unit often needs to be replaced.

Due to the complex nature of these transmissions diagnosis of any of these symptoms is crucial. A Series of checks need to be done first as some symptoms can be the result of programming, software or servicing

If you have any questions or need to test your DSG/DCT transmission then give us a call for a no obligation free test drive.  With our service and knowledge you can be assured that Kaspa transmissions will steer you in the right direction with your DSG

DSG/DCT Transmission servicing

Servicing is vital for a DSG/DCT.Unfortunately the service recommendations for these vehicle’s has been ill advised over the years.  Terms like “lifetime oil” and ”sealed unit” have been used since DSG/DCT transmissions have been on the market and the first manufacturers said they never needed to be serviced but have since changed there recommendation due to early failures and drivability issues. As the years have gone by the recommendations have gone from lifetime oil to now needing regular servicing.The DSG is a complex unit with fine tolerances and even more complicated electrics, which are surrounded in oil, so it is imperative that they have good clean high quality oil in them.

Simply put. Nothing lasts forever, especially oil.

Kaspa Transmissions can check and service your DSG/DCT oil and change the filter to not only maintains your vehicle, but to help increase its life expectancy.

For a quote on your DSG/DCT service give us a call now.

Rebuilding, repairing, servicing and diagnosing your DSG/DCT

Kaspa transmissions have all the knowledge to help you with your DSG/DCT transmission. With hands on experience, training and our own in house research we know that we can cover all problems and point you in the right direction.

If you are having any problems with your DSG/DCT or just have some questions then give us a call any time or just come by to our workshop and meet our friendly reliable team.

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