Differential Repairs

When was the last time your differential was serviced?

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Kaspa Transmissions are your differential specialists whether it is a simple service or a full recondition Kaspa Transmissions can take care of it. 

All you need to do is just drive into one our branches and one of our friendly staff will take your vehicle for a free and honest no obligation written assessment of your differentials condition.

Years ago there was only a couple of different grades of diff oil but these days because of the close tolerances and different materials used for gears and clutches there are as many oils as there are makes of cars. Using the wrong oil can have catastrophic results. This is just one of the reasons you should take your car to an expert like kaspa for your next diff service or repair.

When servicing your diff we can drain and inspect the oil for contamination and where necessary we can use our remote camera to inspect all the gears and bearings. All this can be done without having to remove the diff saving you time and money.

Some common diff problems:                                                                   

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  • Shuddering while cornering
  • Rumbling or grinding noise while driving
  • Winning noise either on acceleration or deceleration
  • Clunking or banging when gears are engaged
  • Banging or knocking when you you excelerate and decelerate quickly.

Some of these problems can be fixed with a simple service others may need more work.

So don't leave it any longer book now.

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