CVT Transmissions


Kaspa have been repairing and servicing CVT transmissions since they started being used in New Zealand. We were one of the first transmission shops to take on these repairs and we are now in the position of being the premier CVT repairer in Auckland.

Some of the more common CVT transmissions and their problems are:

  • Audi CVT Transmission …
  • Slow to engage Drive or Reverse
  • PNRD transmission display on dash all light up or flash
  • Only drives in low or high gear.
  • Shudders or surges will driving forward.
  • Is noisy while driving in all gears.


  • Nissan Primera/Maxima/cube/Tino/March/Micra/Serena CVT Transmission …
    • Stops suddenly often with no warning and has no drive or reverse.
    • Shudders while driving.
    • Will not shift out of low gear
    • Will not shift out of 3rd gear.
    • Transmission check light comes on.


  • Mitsubishi Colt/Lancer/Cedia, etc. CVT Transmission …
    • Is noisy at all speeds.
    • Has no drive or reverse.
    • Has no forward gears but has reverse.
    • CVT Transmission check light comes on.
  • Toyota (most models) CVT Transmission …
    • Is noisy in all gears.
    • Has no drive or reverse.
    • Shudders while driving forward.
    • CVT transmission check light comes on.
    • Drives in only one gear.


Honda CVT transmission …

  • Shudders or vibrates on starting.
  • Honda CVT shudders above about 10 km per hour
  • No drive or reverse gears.
  • Honda CVT check light on.


  • Rover CVT Transmission …
    • Shudders when driving under acceleration.
    • Is slow to engage forward or reverse gear.
    • Engine revs to high for the gear that is engaged.
    • Stops suddenly and has no forward or reverse gears.


  • Mini CVT Transmission …
    • The engine revs inconsistently up and down in forward gears.
    • Suddenly stops driving in drive and reverse.
    • CVT transmission or engine check light comes on.
    • Drives in only one gear.



The best way to prevent or in some cases remedy these issues is with a transmission flush service. At Kaspa Transmission we use only correct high quality CVT oil which is a vital part of keeping the transmission in its best shape. For a booking click here  

Drive into Kaspa Transmissions today and one of our friendly technicians will take your CVT car for a free no obligation ten point written assessment. Which includes checking quality and condition of your CVT transmission oil

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