Australian Cars

Back in the 1970’s, Australia was producing half a million cars per year on average, making it the 10th largest car manufacturer in the world. With so many cars being produced across the Ditch in the previous 40 years, obviously a lot of them have found their way to Kiwi shores.

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If your Australian car has a problem with its gearbox, then Kaspa are the people to call. We are the Auckland experts when it comes to anything regarding transmissions. With four decades in this business, we know what we are doing. We’re confident to say that when it comes to transmissions and gearboxes, there’s no one in New Zealand more experienced than we are.

And in those four decades we’ve seen every type of transmission possible. Our staff have years of experience, and customer satisfaction is our bread and butter. We specialize in European and Japanese cars, but that just makes American and Australian cars easier to fix! Our professionalism is our pride and joy, and we’re happy to offer a 3 year warranty on all our work- a promise you won’t find anywhere else in Aotearoa!

Our technicians have been trained both here and overseas and in that time they have successfully completed numerous courses and hold many transmission qualifications. We at Kaspa only work on transmissions 24/7 unlike many others who say they are specialists but will do any work on anything. That’s why when we say we know transmissions, we really mean it!

Bring your Australian car in today and let us give it our FREE 10 point check-up. We’ll take a good look at it, and then give you a no obligation diagnosis. If you want to think it over or get a second opinion, no problem. Or if you want to go ahead with the repairs then we’ll have the problem fixed in no time, it’s up to you.

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