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Kaspa Transmissions: great service since 1976

We might be friendly, but we’re not a bunch of ghosts, so how did a transmission repair business get the name?

It all started back on Kaspa Road in Otahuhu in 1976, when brothers Dominic and Paul Clarke bought the business. Although you’ll see Kaspas in Glenfield and Silverdale, the name stuck and quickly became an integral part of the automotive repair industry in Auckland.

We started with a focus on American cars and manual gear boxes out of Zephyrs and Holdens, expanding our skills and knowledge to manage the influx of automatic transmissions as they became more common in the early 80s. That tradition of up-skilling has stuck too – we’ve made sure we’re at the top of the game with any transmission that comes our way, whether it’s vintage, European, Japanese, auto, manual or the new DSGs.

After almost four decades, that’s led to our strong reputation for great work and great service. We’re the trusted repairers for dealerships and warranty companies all over Auckland.

Because we’re an established, family-owned business, with loyal, expert staff, we really care about our customers. We do our best to provide great service, so getting your transmission or gearbox fixed is as quick and painless as possible.

Kaspa Otahuhu

40 years later, Kaspa Otahuhu is still going strong. Current owner/operator Vange Pervolianakis worked at the branch for a decade before buying it from Dominic in 2005.

Long serving staff have kept business moving forward. Vange is proud of their consistently high level of service, quick turnarounds, and reliable results. Because his employees are experienced and happy in their jobs, Vange has plenty of time to deal with the customer service side of things.

He also makes a point of keeping up with changes in gearbox and transmission technology, attending seminars, workshops and conferences here and overseas.

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Kaspa Glenfield

Kaspa’s Glenfield location opened in 2003. Keeping the business in the family, the branch is run by Michael Clarke and his uncle, Dominic who was one of the Kaspa’s original owners. Michael is Paul’s son –who founded the business with Dominic.

Micheal’s years of experience working at Kaspa make him the ideal person to run the branch. Like his Uncle, he cares about his customers and makes great service a priority. In the decade since it opened, the Glenfield branch has become an essential part of the Kaspa business and the go-to place for transmissions on the North Shore.

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Kaspa Silverdale

In 2012, the Kaspa group expanded yet again, with the opening of a branch in Silverdale. The location is headed by Ex-Warriors, Leeds and Kiwis coach Brian ‘Bluey’ McClennan. Although moving from league coaching to transmissions seems unusual, Bluey had previously owned a windscreen repair business, and worked with cars for many years.

Bluey is backed up by expert mechanics with decades of experience in transmission and gearbox repair – not to mention the 40 years of experience that comes with being part of the Kaspa team.

After three years in Silverdale, they have established a strong customer base. They’re now an essential part of the Silverdale business community – and the Kaspa family.

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For bookings, advice, or a free assessment of your transmission, just look for the friendly technicians and the friendly ghost.